Sunday, May 8, 2011

Air-Ride Suspension Setup

Here is an overview photo of the new front suspension and steering setup.  The steering box is built by CJR Steering and is a typical steering box that would be used on a NASCAR for a road-course circuit.  It has a 17.5 to 1 ratio which gives it a quicker steering response.  It has a billet aluminum 3/4" drop pitman arm and a billet chromoly steel center link assembly made by SLR.  It is a full roller-bearing steering setup. 
This is an overview of the airbag in it's compressed state.  The airbag suspension setup that I made works well because at ride height it will have standard NASCAR handling capabilities.  At full drop it will have an extreme negative camber, which lets the wheels tip inward, so we will be able to clear large, deep dish wheels inside of our stock fender wells.
 This picture shows what the airbags look like in their inflated state. It also shows the lower boxed control arms that I fabricated to house the airbags and locate the suspension.  I built the arms with the airbag inside the bucket for strength and to hide the airbags when they are completely compressed.  I still have some more gusseting and plating to do here as well.


  1. Wow, that's nice. A photo plus an explanation made it clear whatsoever. Thanks for this.

  2. Great blog. I'm checking your blog once a week. Wish you have more updates and photos as well. Thanks! More power!

  3. Hi , Very nice Job men , I have my own pickup in Brazil 1951 too :-)
    , But I did not have time to start fix all for my self because I am out from Brazil at moment .....
    But I will keep looking here you baby Truck ..... Looks really nice .... keep doing ....!!!!