Sunday, May 8, 2011

Frame Modifications

Here is the frame as it sits, almost stock with the exception of a couple of pieces cut off and a temporary transmission mount set in place.We are going to be changing the chassis because the design of it is made to have a roll cage inside of a car or truck go to the furthest outside points of the vehicle and since the truck we are putting it on is a very narrow-cabbed vehicle, we have to cut the chassis and narrow it up to get the fit we want.  We also need to shorten the wheel-base by 6".
Here is the chassis after we slimmed it up and shortened it by 6 inches.  I cut the outer rails off and installed some new 2"x4" .120 wall rectangular tube.  This modification will give the chassis added strength and rigidity.  I still have to plate and gusset all the open ends and intersections.  After the chassis is cleaned up, I will be adding the body mounts.

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