Friday, January 28, 2011

Front Brake Setup

Front brake setup includes: Howe large bearing steel spindles, Brembo 13" x 1.25" rotors and Wilwood ultra light billet aluminum 4-piston calipers.  Weight: 54lbs per side.

Our goal horsepower for this project is somewhere in the 700 range, and with an all iron big-block Chevy under the hood some stout brakes are required.  That's why we picked up this beefy but light brake setup.  This setup comes straight off of a cup car.  This is probably the best brake setup available for vehicles without ABS.  With some insane stopping power and significant weight savings up front, I think this will be a valuable addition to our truck.

We will update the blog next week and give you a sneak peek at the rear brakes and front suspension (also from a cup car).

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