Friday, January 21, 2011

Collecting Parts

As we collect parts for the project, we will try and keep you updated on the parts we are using and what we are using them for.  Here are the parts we have collected so far:

Axel: This is a Sierra Full-Floater HD9 set up with billet 6-piston calipers. It currently has wide-5 hubs that we will be converting to 5-on-5 hubs.  We will also be installing a nodular third member with either a Detroit locker or an aggressive posi unit.

Crank: GM Steel 454 Crank

Rods and Pistons: Pistons are J.E. 4.5" forged. Rods are Scat bushed i-beam rods with 7/16" ARP rod bolts.

Heads: World Racing Products iron Merlin heads.  Port volume 335cc. Combustion chamber volume 116cc. SS Intake valve 2.25. SS exhaust valve 1.88.  These heads have been prepped, ported and polished by Bob Morgan.  The heads will be topped with AFR guide plates, 7/16" ARP rocker studs, 1.7 stainless steel roller rockers and B&B billet stud girdle.  All capped off with fabricated aluminum valve covers and held to the block with an ARP stud kit.

 Fuel Pump: Race Pumps fuel pump.

Oil Filter: System One remote oil filter.

Intake Setup: Polished Weiand rectangular port tunnel ram (will be port matched to the heads). Topped with dual 600 Holly carburetors.  Due for a fresh polish.

Transmission Components: B&M Turbo 400 trick-shift 2000 stall converter.  Polished aluminum pan.

Brake Master Cylinder