Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to the Baddest Blog Build on the Block

The Idea:
Take a completely original 1951 Chevy farm truck from Oregon, previously used as daily driver, and transform it into a Street Rod unlike the typical cookie cutter custom; No prefabbed rolling chassis, No standard 350 Small Block, No Mustang II bolt-on suspension.  This Street Rod will be Built not Bought.

The Builder/Fabricator:
My name is Brandon Matthews.  I am 26 years old and I have been surrounded by high horsepower engines and muscle cars my entire life.  Nothing makes me happier than creating something from nothing. 

This project will be my interpretation of what a Street Rod truck should be and will be my canvas to show what I am capable of creating. 

This is our shop dog Bently.

The Shop
A 4000 square foot warehouse located in North Las Vegas that is rapidly being filled with second hand tools (no Snap-On trucks here).  I have everything I need to get a project like this finished: you name it, I have it.

The Process
We will be updating this blog with pictures and posts through each step of the build.  We would love to hear your comments - just keep them positive ;).

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  1. I certainly like what you are building here. It's a great opportunity to look at everyone else's work from time to time. Thanks a lot!